Newtown Jets - Grand Final highlights - Season 2008


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Grand Final - Jets banner announces the contest - Determined players run out to take on Wentworthville.


Shaun Foley and Byron Ford show off their levitation skills as they score great wingers' tries.


Jake Friend provides quick service from the play-the-ball - Anthony Cherrington gets ready to pass the ball to Toshio Laiseni.


Shane Shackleton prepares to catch and run - Steve Meredith and Donny Thompson push throughthe line.


Ray Moujalli and Hep Cahill take on the opposition with determination.


Shaun Rudder adopts amazing in-air skills to pull free and Tough Newtown defence keeps their line intact.


Martin Kennedy and Hep Cahill lead their Wentworthville opponent in a dance - Rory Kostjasyn shows his side-step.


Anthony Cherrington reflects the team's disappointment - Newtown supporters show their appreciation of the tenacious struggle by their valiant team.


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