Newtown Jets 2008 - Staff & player gallery


About the Jets Coach, Greg Matterson

Greg takes over the coaching role for 2008, after a successful year as assistant coach to the our 2007 coach, Paul Young, now Coaching Director at the Sydney Roosters. Greg and his team, work in close consultation with the Sydney Roosters coaching staff.

Player gallery - 2008

Some of the 2008 Jets signings are training with the Sydney Roosters and some are training 4 days a week at the Newtown RLFC gymnasium facility and at Marrickville Oval under the direction of Newtown's 2008 NSW Cup Head Coach, Greg Matterson, and Strength and Conditioning Coach, Dennis Yates.

Check out the players who played in the Trial games.

Jimmy Andersen

Luke Gordon

Ray Moujalli

Luke Branighan

Khalid Deeb

Tevita Folau

Luke Millwood

Donny Thompson

Jai Ayoub

Mickey Paea

Ben Green

Danny Howard

Byron Ford

Steve Meredith

Frank-Paul Nuuausala

Mitchell Aubusson

Sam Perrett

Iosia Soliola

Aaron Wheatley

Brent Grose

Toshio Laiseni

Rory Kostjasyn

David Shillington

Albert Hopoate

Daniel Green

Rhys Pritchard

Hep Cahill

Sean Rudder

Shaun Foley

Damon Alley-Tovio

Tyrone Shelley

Stanley Waqa

Dominique Peyroux

Shane Shackleton

Trent Touma

Ben Jones

Martin Kennedy

Riley Brown

Fonua Fale

Anthony Cherrington

Anthony Minichiello

Amos Roberts

Shaun Kenny-Dowall

Jake Friend

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