The Final Winter


On sale from Thursday 14 February at
Local Derby, 185 King St, Newtown

A stirring, raw and emotive film

One of the most critically acclaimed Australian dramas of the year plays out on DVD on February 14, 2008.

Directed by Jane Forrest and Brian Andrews and written by Matt Nable, The Final Winter DVD features a winning lineup of Australian talent and contains bonus material including cast interviews and a goof reel.

The story

As the winds of change sweep across the Rugby League landscape, Grub Henderson (Matt Nable) defiantly stands among all others as the embodiment of those before him.

Foreign codes of business are tearing at the fabric of loyalty that exists between Grub's club and family. He collides head-on with an administration eager to bury him, and battles against his brother and coach's betrayal.

At home his wife is troubled by the transformation of the man she married, and his children are left wanting for their father.

In a bid to cling to his self-worth, Grub bitterly swallows his pride and bargains for his future. As the game that provides him an identity crumbles, he finds acceptance in the man he could be.

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