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Chris Tuatara-Morrison saves teacher's life


Newtown Jets Centre, Chris Tuatara-Morrison, is being hailed as a hero after saving the life of a man who suffered a heart attack in front of him, just before a Newtown training session at Sydney's Newington College.

Chris responded immediately, applying the CPR knowledge he had gained in a personal training course.

Chris Tuatara-Morrison makes a break downfield

He called triple 0 and made the man comfortable, but when he saw that the man's condition was deteriorating, he started heart massage.

However, the man's condition remained poor, so he applied electric shock several times using a defribillator that someone had brought across from the College swimming pool.

Chris's quick-thinking actions kept the man alive until the ambulance arrived.

Chris himself found the experience quite traumatising. Yes, he had trained for such an emergency, but even then, he said, that it was quite scary knowing that a person's life was in your hands.

The news of his 'patient' is good. He is on the mend after several days in intensive care and owes his life to the way Chris responded in the crisis.

The Newtown Rugby League Football Club is proud to count Chris among our playing group and awarded him a Special Humanitarian Award at the annual presentation night, in recognition of his outstanding act of good citizenship.