Newtown Rugby League Football Club - Established 1908
2012 NSW Cup Grand Final
Seating & ticketing information for Newtown Jets supporters


Where to sit in the stadium

You probably won't have much choice about which tickets you buy but if you do, try to get them in the area where the Newtown Jets supporters will be gathering, that is the south-western car park end of the ground, Bays 140 thru 144, Category D.

It doesn't matter if you can't get into those exact bays.

Since most people attending the Grand Final arrive progressively and the stadium is fairly empty for the NSW Cup game, the Newtown RLFC has 'informally negotiated' permission for Newtown Jets supporters to gather in the Category D seats at this end of the ground during the NSW Cup game.

If reserved seat holders arrive, just move to another empty space.

This is OUR time!

Do whatever you can to be there to support the MIGHTY BLUEBAGS!!!

Purchasing tickets

NSW Cup and NYC finalist clubs are given NO SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY to purchase Grand Final tickets in a pre-purchase window.

The Newtown Jets get a very small ticket allocation for players and their families, nothing for supporters.

However, hope is not lost! You CAN get tickets to the game! members have a window for purchasing Grand final tickets online from 8.00pm tonight, Monday, 24 September. After that, remaining tickets will go on sale to the general public.

Not an member? Don't worry! Become an instant member!

Go to NOW and register and you will receive the newsletter today with information about the login code to use tonight for online purchasing.

If a general code is NOT provided, use the code that gets you in the general Newtown area = the Storm code.