2012 NSW Cup Premiers - Grand Final highlights


Photos courtesy of Gary Sutherland, Mike Biboudis, Jason McCauley and Newtown Jets supporters.

Stadium screen acknowledges Newtown victory. Greg Matterson & Stuart McCarthy 'feign' excitement.


Daniel Mortimer raises Cup in victory salute. Justin Carney and Ahmad Ellaz chair victorious coach. Players start victory lap lead by Brad Barrett.


Justin Carney, Andrew Pearn, Kurt Kara and Francis Vaiotu high-five supporters, preceded by Peni Tagive, Mark Kheirallah, Alofa Alofa and Anthony Cherrington.


Terry Rowney bandishes the Cup, as Ahmad Ellaz and Jack Bosden move past. Nafe Seluini, Mose Masoe and Josh Ailaomai greet supporters. Saulala Houma, Isaac Liu and Anthony Cherrington accept congratulations.


The MIGHTY Newtown Jets victorious Finals squad

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