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Good luck wishes from Jets supporters near and far


Great support from the Newtown Jets diaspora!

Emails, Tweets and Facebook posts are rolling in to congratulate the Newtown Jets and wish the players, staff and club success in the Grand Final.

Each day, emailed wishes will be posted to this page. Browse the comments of international and local supporters, and visit the Jets on Twitter and Facebook to see all the other supporter greetings. Many would love to be in the crowd on Sunday. If you possibly can, be there to support the boys! We make a difference, too!

Last postings

We knew it was Sunday! We were only schoolteachers! It is so exciting to see a Newtown vs Balmain game again. Believe it is great for Rugby League. The people we are speaking to up here confirm the interest the game is generating amongst us oldies as well as the younger generations. Once again, good luck to all involved in Sunday's Grand Final and hope that you are proud and deserved Premiers for 2012. Best wishes.

P.S. Just a bit of Newtown gossip. We were speaking yesterday to a 90yr old lady, Elva McBay, who lives on the Central Coast and whom we have known since 1972 when we signed (hard to believe it was 40 years ago), who has supported Newtown since the 1920s, she is blind in one eye (not her Royal Blue one), has been robbed twice in the past 12 months, recently hurt her back in a nasty fall, BUT will be glued to her TV on Sunday in complete excitement. She personally knew many of the players including the Ellis family and Bumper, and is a fountain of anecdotes about our great club. We probabaly told you before, but our maternal grandfather, Fred Tagg, has his ashes scattered at Henson Park, a fact we did not know until after we'd finished playing - what a shame. Chris and Paul

GO THE BLUE BAGS! Brian Martin, Ballina, ex-Newtown resident in 1950's

Go the mighty Newtown Jets (Bluebags). I was born at Marrickville and lived opposite Henson Park and have followed Newtown since the mid 1950's. All the best for a grand final win. Bruce McCabe

Arrived end of week

Congratulations on forging your way to the Grand Final, very well deserved. Sorry we can't be there to support you in person, but rest assured, you will feel our energy all the way from France. This is your time fellas, go your hardest!! Your Faithful Paris Fan Club, Gerard, Suzanne, Brian and Louis McCord

Well what a thrashing you gave those Dogs! - well done. You will be pleased to know that I will be on the couch with my feet up, in my Blue Bags polo shirt cheering for you blokes. Only 2 sleeps to go …… bring it on. All the best. Steve Brewster, General Manager of the Auckland Vulcans RLFC

Very best of luck to the mighty Jets, Dave Hadfield and the Bolton branch of the Newtown Jets supporters' club (Dave Hadfield, chief Rugby League writer for The Independent newspaper, UK, Newtown's official Ambassador in Great Britain)

Good luck to the Newtown Jets for Sunday. Will keep our fingers crossed. Alice & Alex Murphy - Alex Murphy is one of the greatest players and coaches in the history of the English Rugby League, and was rated by Frank Hyde as one of the two greatest Rugby League players he had seen in his lifetime - John Raper being the other.

Come on, Blue bags. Avenge 1944 this Sunday. Good luck. Play hard. Scott B, referring to the last time Newtown met Balmain when the Tigers were victorious?

We would just like to say congratulations to you for all the great work you do in maintaining the Newtown tradition and history. We have been wearing our Newtown clothing all week on the Gold Coast and will be glued to the TV on Sunday. Wishing you and the team all the best and hoping for a Premiership, Chris and Paul Dawson, the famous Rugby League twins who both played with distinction for Newtown in the 1970's

Good wishes to the Newtown team for a premiership victory on Sunday. Greg Hill, who played President's Cup for Newtown in 1969 and has remained a loyal Newtown supporter ever since. Greg is a teacher at James Sheahan College in Orange and says everyone at the school gets to hear about Newtown's achievements!

Arrived late week

Congratulations on reaching the grand amazing effort by the team, you and all your colleagues at Newtown. James Andersen

Please pass on my congratulations to everyone associated with the Jets reaching the 2012 NSWRL Cup grand final. To Barry Vining, Terry Rowney and other Board members, coaching staff, match officials and mostly the players, well done on such a successful year. I am unable to attend the, but will be watching the television intently, and cheering with family members at each move towards a final victory. I know as a player and official how much a grand final win means to all associated with the club. A win will be great, but reaching the G.F. is something you should all be very proud of. I know we followers are. GO THE JETS... Tony Reid, Player 1964-1974, Official 1991-92, Club Secretary 1993-2001

(To Glen Dwyer) You will be an excited man with your beloved JETS in the final. I wish you and your team all the very best for Sunday. Wayne Dwyer , former New Zealand Rugby League international and a long-serving player and official with the West Coast Rugby League (South Island, NZ)

Good luck on Sunday. I've been to the last 2 games at Leichhardt. Unbelievable games. Electric atmosphere. Days that were as good as any I have seen in footy since 1972. People I know heard the calls on ABC radio & 2GB. They were shocked by the tension & atmosphere. Some plan on making the effort to watch the game with me & my mates at Petersham on Sunday. It's been a great end to the season and they deserve to be there. They're a credit to themselves, the coaching staff and you guys that are the heart and soul of the club. Grant Kelly

Big shout out to our friends up in Sydney newtownrlfc. Best of luck for your Grand Final on Sunday guys! Message of support from the Fitzroy Football Club - like Newtown, they still exist!

I'm sure you will hear big Lionel Williamson cheering on Sunday from up here in far north Queensland! An indirect message of support from Lionel Williamson, Cairns, member of Newtown's team of the century

What a great day coming up hopefully on Sunday. Plenty of support for the Jets here on the Far South Coast from myself (Trevor Mace) on left a born and bred St Peters boy, Peter Newton a local Bega boy who followed the Jets and Peter Mercieca on right who hails from Egan St, Newtown showing our support for the Mighty Bluebags (as I still prefer to call them!). Hoping to go one better than the last Newtown grand final I attended in 1955 when Souths beat us on the bell (mind you I didn't see a lot of the game as Mum was 6 months pregnant with me at the time!). Mates have always asked me why I didn't start following someone else when we got the boot in 1983 but I refused and have been a Bluebag all my life as were Mum & Dad. Go the Jets! Trevor Mace

Just received a message of support for the boys on Sunday from the former Bluebag great Kevin Considine (a winger and centre in the 1950's). He played in the 1954 and 1955 Grand Finals against South Sydney and was a club official in later years.

I will be in the USA on GF day attempting to watch/ listen or read about the game, so I thought I would drop you a line and wish the club all the very best on Sunday. Memories of my ball boy days (81 1st Grade Grand Final and 82 3rd Grade Grand Final) come flooding back whenever the Jets play on Grand Final Day. Hopefully the guys can do that elusive lap of honour on the main day which I think hasn't been achieved on Grand Final Day since 1974! It is times like this that I think of great Newtown former players and officials who were my adult mates during those successful days such as Billy Bourke, Brian Chilvers, Ron Madden, Fred Daly, rubbers Jack Dowling and Jack Pascoe (Jack and Jill), Johnny Ray and of course my Dad Horrie. I am sure if Newtown scores the first try Fred Daly will be looking down and yelling out "blow the hooter we've seen enough"! All the very best to the players and especially to the officials who keep the Bluebag flag flying every year!!!!! UP THE BLUEBAGS!!!! Phillip Kessey, son of Horrie Kessey, a former Newtown player and long-serving official from the 1940's to the 1970's

Good luck this weekend in the Grand Final. Go you blue bags! Newtown is humming ... Simon Sharwood

I watched the replay yesterday afternoon. Now all we want is more of the same on Sunday. Go the 'Bags! David Benham, Shanghai

Arrived Tuesday-Wednesday

All the best for Sunday. Chris Bowden, CEO, NSW Leagues Club, Sydney

Can you please pass on my congrats to Matto,team,board and all involved with the Jets in 2012 and you will hear me cheering from Newcastle on sunday, go the mighty Jets !!!!!. Mal Graham, West Wallsend High School

Congratulations to the Jets. Hope they play their best footy and if there is any luck around, hope they get some. Well done to the coaching staff and the committee. Have a great day! Bob Carnegie, Newtown First grade captain 1969-1972

Go The Mighty Bluebags we will try to find a live feed online and show it live in NYC. Matt Astill, The Australian Bar, New York City

All the best on Sunday. I might be wrong but probably the biggest chance for the premiership for years. For people like Barry, Terry and you, Glen - success would be long overdue. John Little, former Newtown RLFC Director and long-time supporter

To all at the Newtown DRLFC. Congratulations on making the Grand Final for 2012. Thank you for all the great times at Henson Park this year. We know that our team has the skill, the guts and the determination to win ONE MORE GAME! Give 'em hell boys! We will be there @ ANZ on Sunday cheering you on and look forward to seeing you all back at the Peato RSL for the celebrations! Patrick and Alan

I wanted to congratulate all the boys for the great effort last week in making the Grand Final. Best wishes to all the players, staff and supporters for Sunday. Devastated that I can't make it back for the match, but I'll be bleeding blue for the boys come game day. Although I am in Warriors territory, I'll make sure that a small corner is painted Royal Blue! Brett Scelly, Senior Handicapper, New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing

Arrived Monday, 24 September

Best wishes to all the players & coaching staff. Horrie Kessey and family.

Thank you. I was out there on 50 metre line up in the Grandstand. I'm 53 now, and I used to watch AMCO Cup from Leichardt, when I was in CONDOBOLIN, growing up. You know as I was sitting there yesterday, I was reflecting on that very fact. It wa a joy to be there,and to be part of the 2 great games. I messaged Greg and Mose and Justin Carney, after I got home to thank them for the great Spectacle and the game. All the way now .James Spiropoulos, CAFE FOVEAUX SURRY HILLS.

Congratulations on a great season and it is not over yet. The Bluebags to win. Barry Ross

I take great pride in being able to tell everyone that Jackson is genuine Bluebag. The welcome, ongoing inclusion and all the other things that the Players and this fabulous Club have done for him over a number of years have significantly contributed to his quality of life. For that we are both grateful and therefore we want to take this opportunity to wish the Team, the Club and its Volunteers all the very best for this week's Grand Final. Given the display throughout the final series so far 'we' are in this right up to our eyeballs. Let's stay focused and BRING IT HOME. The Kelly Gang

I was looking forward to the footy finals this weekend, now even more so ….Congratulations on the win. Just enjoy the moment and believe in yourselves and each other. Good luck for the weekend and the future…. Rachael Meek, Coonabarabran

What a fantastic result yesterday, beyond the wildest dreams I would imagine, not doubting that the team would not win it but to do it so convincingly is tremendous. Congratulations to all concerned. Yesterday must have put everyone in a great frame of mind with one to go."Go get em". Brian Kirk, son of the 1943 Newtown premiership winner, ace goal-kicker and fullback, Tommy Kirk

Just saw the results and the Jets mighty win! Great to give it to the Berries and I will be hoping to stream the GRAND FINAL game over here in the USA. Fabulous win and so completely dominant. Makes us all so proud to be a Bluebag. Geoff Mason, Raleigh, North Carolina, former Newtown player (1976 and 1977)

Congratulations on making the Grand Final. Well Done. Jamie Flanagan, Newtown LAC

Well done guys...Hearty Congratulations.... a classy win... The Jets are on target!! Rick Wayde

Congratulations on big win yesterday. Good luck for Sunday's Grand Final -- Newtown v Balmain, a real blast from a great past. Will be watching with interest on Sunday. The family knows who rules the lounge on Grand Final Day! John Coffey, Rugby League correspondent for The Press newspaper, Christchurch and author of several books on NZ rugby League history

Brilliant news for the Jets! We watched Canterbury and Souths live and, of course, 'Jammer' (James Graham, Bulldogs) is in a Grand Final too! He is coming back to St. Helens at the end of the season and we've got a big welcome planned for or lose! If I see Sia (Soliola), I'll tell him the good news as well. Alex Service, official historian of the St Helens RLFC (UK)

Well done today to down the Bulldogs !!!! No matter what the result is next week, you have done the team proud with your efforts. Go out and enjoy the week and all the best for next week. Go the Jets! Brett Lyons

The excitement machine continues on its rampaging path to the premiership. The Newtown Jets have done us proud and congratulations to all concerned in reaching the 2012 Grand Final. Go the Mighty Bluebag Newtown Jets, Tom & June Davis

Congratulations to the Jets for their impressive win over Canterbury-Bankstown this afternoon. Non stop tries and goals and once again great coverage by 2gb. The best of luck in the Grand Final next weekend. Norman Scott, Terrigal

Congratulations on a terrific result today, all the very best for next week. Michael Greenwood, Parkes Shire Council

Congratulations and great to see the Jets in the GF. I am a South Sydney supporter and will be cheering for you guys. Darren McCoy

Just wanted to wish you guys good luck tomorrow. I just read the team, there's some big guns in there if they fire up. Hope it all goes well for you. Mike Turner, a very keen Roosters supporter who lives in Queensland

Well done. You really ripped them up! Good luck in the GF - l wont be there but I will be in front of the box cheering for the Blue Bags. Trust it wont be a field goalathon! Steve Brewster

Congratulations. Good luck in the Grand Final- the JETS can win it. Allan Miller

Just received a phone call from Warwick "Wokka" Bulmer who is a long-time Manly-Warringah official and team manager of the Manly-Warringah Toyota Cup team. He has been a great friend to the Newtown RLFC for the past 10 years. He extended good wishes to the Newtown Jets on his behalf and the Manly club for Sunday's NSW Cup Grand Final.

I've just spoken with Joe Wade's son Wayne Wade who assured me that his father is still going strong and watched Newtown's win over North Sydney last Wednesday afternoon on Fox Sports Two. The old boy is well aware that Newtown is in the 2012 NSW Cup grand final against Balmain this Sunday and old Joe is going to be watching from 12 noon. Joe played with Newtown in 1939 and 1940 and is almost certainly the oldest living former Newtown player. Joe Wade is 97 next month. He must go close to being the oldest living former NSWRL first grader.

Best wishes to everyone at Newtown from the small Bluebags enclave at Rochdale Hornets. What The Jets have achieved this season is nothing short of a footy miracle - and just shows what a great battling attitude runs through Newtown's veins. Nothing to fear and nothing to lose - go get 'em on Sunday. We'll be there in spirit. Jim Stringer, Rochdale Hornets RLFC, Rochdale, UK, not far from Huddersfield

Good luck boys from all at USA Tomahawks and the American National Rugby League. We will be cheering for our old Jets mates! David Niu, the Australian Bar (in Midtown Manhattan)

What a great game of Rugby League! The Bluebags were very impressive and professional . They thoroughly deserved that win against the Dogs. How about the rent a crowd banging on in the sun? Khalid has alot of relatives. Damian Johnson

6 steps to a Newtown Jets 2012 Grand Final

Photos courtesy of Gary Sutherland

Try 1

Jack Bosden burrows through Bulldogs defence and scores under the posts

Try 2

Justin Carney races away to score after a break by Nafe Seluini

Try 3

Adam Henry capitalises on great lead up work by Alofa Alofa and Daniel Tupou to score

Try 4

Adam Henry takes a wonderful around the tackler pass by Andrew Pearn and scores in corner

Try 5

Daniel Tupou out leaps the defence to take a perfectly placed kick from Daniel Mortimer.

Try 6

The brilliant support player and hooker, Kurt Kara, capitalises on Daniel Mortimer's line break and scores under the posts